Why Charon Investigations, LLC?
  • We have experienced and skilled investigators to provide you with complete investigative services
  • Our investigators are professionally trained in many areas including: surveillance, interview and interrogation, criminal investigations, etc.
  • We offer personal service and your investigator will be readily available to you
  • We provide professional, concise reports that will assist you in supporting your position
  • We have no limit on the geographical areas that we will travel for an investigation in Michigan
  • Our investigators are experienced in courtroom testimony and can provide professional representation regarding your investigation
What are the signs of unfaithfulness?
  • Increased time away from home
  • Decline in sexual interest with you
  • Spouse is "unavailable" more than normal
  • Spouse leaves the room to talk on the phone
  • Unfamiliar phone numbers on their cell phone
  • Spouse attending new functions
  • Spouse has new friends
  • Perfume/cologne scent on clothes
  • Unexplained purchases on bank statements
  • Unexplained receipts
  • Grooming habits changed
  • Longer trips to the store
  • Longer hours spent at work or school
  • Loss of attention at home
  • Spends time on the couch when you sleep
  • You have a feeling that something is wrong





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