We have proven our skills with years of experience helping clients solve their problems. We pride ourselves with quality, cost-effective services. Our Investigators have years of experience in Law Enforcement and Investigations.

Our Clients:

  Individuals & Families

In today's society we are met by many challenges. Our biggest challenges often stem from our relationships. Our relationships can be the source of our greatest joy or our deepest sorrows.

The only thing worse than finding out that your spouse is cheating, your son or daughter is using drugs, your family member is stealing from you, etc., is NOT KNOWING and living with the knot in your stomach.

Charon Investigations can help you get to the truth. We can help you to get the information that you need in order to make the best decisions for yourself.

  Corporations & Attorneys :

Corporate Clients
Charon Investigations is committed to providing top quality criminal and civil investigations to our corporate clients. We offer services suitable for attorneys, insurance companies, and businesses large and small.

We have provided in-depth background investigations on prospective employees, investors and venture capitalist for corporations and attorneys.We have had great success in locating subjects who have "skipped" on our client and provided asset searches for those owing money to our clients. Our experience as police officers at accident scenes gives us great insight to personal injury cases.

We specialize in surveillance and getting solid documentation for building cases of Work Comp Fraud and Family and Medical Leave Act Abuse.

Many people don't realize that a good private investigator is an expert at talking with people.

Interviewing subjects, witnesses or other sources of information, either in person or over the telephone, is as much an art as it is a science.

With over 70 years of investigative experience Charon Investigations has the skill and resources to get the information that you need to best aid your clients. Our Investigators have extensive training and experience in Interview and Interrogation and courtroom testimony. We can help you to get the statements you need to build a quality defense for your client.

At Charon Investigations, our experience, training and tenacity allow us to provide thorough and accurate investigations. Our ability to get people to talk is invaluable when conducting insurance investigations, asset searches, locates, missing person cases or many, many other investigative activities. All of our personnel who take statements or conduct interviews have extensive experience, credentials, training, and trial experience, ensuring that the evidence that we collect for you will stand up in court.

  Insurance Companies:  

Charon Investigations offers exceptional service to the insurance industry by providing services, utilizing state of the art equipment, and experienced investigators.

The cost of doing business in today's environment is compounded by theft, fraud, embezzlement and other acts that cost businesses millions of dollars. Of course the insurance industry gets left holding the bag which in turn influences rates. We understand that in order to keep these rates down to remain competitive the insurance industry must handle false claims aggressively.

Our investigators have the skill, knowledge, and resources to document the necessary information regarding your case. We take an aggressive investigative approach to get the information you need with great care and concern for legally investigating your case. Our investigators have extensive training in many areas including surveillance, interview techniques, state and federal law and more.

  Small Business:

As a small business owner you likely don't have the resources some of your larger competitors do. Yet you face the same potential damaging loss that a bad employee can cause.

We understand this dilemma and can work diligently to help you resolve any employee problems that may arise. We offer affordable investigations that can be customized to meet your specific needs. With a custom investigation you are not spending your hard earned money on needless information.

You will find our services competitively priced and our service unmatched. Whether you need a background check on a prospective employee or an investigation in to where your money has gone, we can help.




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