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Bill Charon founded Charon Investigations in 2001 after a 35 year career with the Wyoming Police Department. Bill's experience as a police officer includes crime scene tech, undercover narcotics officer; school liaison officer, financial crime investigations, and the detective bureau. In 1976, Bill was voted Officer of the Year, awarded the Chief's Award of Excellence for his service and received numerous other medals and awards. Bill has a Criminal Justice degree from Grand Rapids Community College.

Craig Sluiter, Managing Partner of Axiom Group is a key ally to Bill, having been a PI in MI over 20 years. Craig has a law enforcement background in Michigan and Texas as well as his degree from the University of Texas. Craig is a Reid School of Interview and Interrogations graduate, as well as a Fraud Claims Law Specialist.

Jim Sluiter also is an active field investigor on cases for Charon, and is a Founding Partner of Axiom Group. Jim has 40+ years experience in interview and investigation settings as a claims adjuster for national insurance companies. Jim is a graduate of Calvin College.


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