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Charon Investigations can help you obtain the information you need to meet your goals. Our associates are age, gender, and racially diverse, allowing them to operate in any socioeconomic environment. We utilize associates that have focused their interest and expertise into the areas in which they excel.

Our company will conduct an affordable customized investigation specifically designed to accomplish the task at hand. You will be kept well informed and will receive a complete written report at the conclusion of your investigation. We aim to satisfy you with our professionalism. 

True customer satisfaction guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with our work, our service, or our people, let us know, as soon as, possible and we will make it right for you.




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Mission Statement
To provide superior investigations and achieve optimal results at low costs. Our primary goal is to help you while operating under the principles of confidentiality, integrity, professionalism, and the highest code of ethics. We value our clients and strive for excellence.